A Complete Guide to Foundation Piling

If you have ever wondered how building structures, such as homes, towers, bridges, roads and viaducts stand up, then you have come to the right place. Since the middle ages, we have driven deep foundations into the earth using a special technique that is known as piling. To answer all of your questions regarding foundations…

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Everything you need to know about tiny houses

As the name suggests, tiny houses are, quite simply, small houses. However, there’s much more to the tiny house movement than building properties smaller than the average home; these buildings are actually part of a social, political and environmental movement that’s taken the world by storm. The tiny house movement is fascinating for a variety…

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What You Need to Know About Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is essentially a reparation method that it used to strengthen the existing foundation of a building under ground level. The process is often used for structures where the foundation has moved and it requires specialist work for further breakdown. If damages are left unresolved and require underpinning, the cost will increase the longer…

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Everything You Need to Become an Expert Piling Contractor

Piling is an essential element of construction and, without solid foundations, our buildings and structures would not last. Despite how crucial piling is, the skill and knowledge of piling contractors is often underestimated, however, becoming a piling operative is an extremely reputable career within the construction industry. To become an expert, you’ll not only need…

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How do Soil Types Impact your Build?

Anyone considering or currently undertaking a self-build project will be aware of how much planning and work is involved, but did you know that the type of soil you build on can have a dramatic effect on which foundations are suitable? Foundations are essential to evenly spread and carry the weight of a building over…

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Piling Southport Underpinning

The importance of underpinning

Unless you work in construction, it’s unlikely that you’ll have paid much attention to your home’s foundations – or the foundations of any building, for that matter. However, they are one of the most important aspects of any building and from time to time may need to be strengthened or stabilised by the process of…

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